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Our Story

Snoop Dogg


Founder Jake Hill's journey into the cannabis industry began in 2011 after leaving college to pursue his passion for cultivation. Starting with a controlled environmental space in his Sacramento garage, Jake quickly established himself as a test-and-grow visionary. Expanding to Oregon, he created a vertically integrated model—including dispensaries, outdoor farms, and an automation company—all with a goal of bringing the benefits of cannabis to a new generation of people.

A chance meeting with Snoop Dogg sparked a shared vision for high-quality CBD drinks, leading to a partnership and the birth of Hill Beverage Company. With the debut of their Do It Fluid line of THC- and CBD-infused cocktails, Hill Beverage Co. pushes the boundaries of flavor, potency, and natural ingredients. Committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, the company prioritizes the highest standards, with a goal to create a net-zero grow system to combat climate change.

For Jake, Snoop, and our celebrity collaborators, it’s all about having a great time while living a healthier life, delivering one-of-a-kind drinks without the alcohol (and the hangover). To join the journey, subscribe to our email for a heads up on new product drops, discounts, and exclusive content.